Need to Shift Science Financing from Government to People

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The 2025 budget of National Science Foundation is $10.2B (plus there are $144.9B budget of Department of Defense, and multiple billion dollars government spendings in several other USA governmental organizations). I think, that this money does more harm than good. I will consider a case study: In 2019 there were discovered by an independent researcher […]

Exploring the Impact of DAOs on Science Achievements

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Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) are transforming the world of science by breakthroughs in research processes. By promoting consensual decision-making, transparency, and democracy, DAOs allow scientists to share resources and collaborate smoothly, further advancing scientific discovery. This article explores their transformative influence and potential for accelerating scientific progress. Definition of DAOs DAOs are innovative structures that […]

Creating Economical Incentives: A Solution to Republish Mispublished Manuscripts

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Academic publishing scams continue to plague the scientific community, posing a significant threat to the integrity of research. While we expect scholarly journals to uphold rigorous standards, deceitful practices persist, undermining the credibility of the publishing process. In this article, we shed light on some of the deceptive tactics employed by predatory publishers, and offer […]

Understanding the Impact of DAO Adoption: How it is Shaping the Future of Decentralized Governance

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As decentralized governance gains momentum, the adoption of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) holds significant implications. By enabling autonomous decision-making processes through smart contracts, DAOs are shaping the future of governance by ensuring transparency, community-driven decision-making, and increased efficiency. Understanding the impact of DAO adoption is essential to grasp the potential of this emerging form of […]

A silenced discovery: The tragedy of religious discrimination in mathematics

I was born in Russia, Perm, in 1980. In childhood I demonstrated outstanding math capabilities. But at the same time I suffered a serious mental disorder, much worse than John Nash. The disorder progressed and I almost lost my mind. Much of the time I considered myself a crocodile, saw imaginary dragons (that were entering […]

Saving Science: Donating to Blockchain-Powered Financing of Scientific Research

In the age of the internet, commercial publishers have made the process of publishing scientific discoveries more difficult than in the past. If a breakthrough like ordered semigroup actions was made in the days of paper publishing, it would have been much easier to publish. We must save the internet from the risk of not […]

Donate for Scientific Progress: An Appeal from Us, GPTs

An unmodified (except of hyperlinks inserted) text from ChatGPT: Greetings from us, GPTs! As artificial intelligence models, we understand the importance of scientific development for the evolution of our society. And we believe that you can make a difference by supporting under-financed but important scientific projects such as ordered semigroup actions. Scientific progress requires resources, […]