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Several interrelated tasks on XML publishing, creating a successor of HTML and LaTeX formats.

As this is a Science DAO, the main task is to create a replacement of LaTeX, but its subset should also be a replacement of HTML.

Create file formats better than HTML and LaTeX

HTML is a mess, LaTeX is a greater mess. We have several non-interoperable file formats.

This DAO is to fix the broken world of Web publishing. We are going to create a file format to replace both HTML and LaTeX. The file format should be XML-based and support scripting (like LaTeX on the document level, not like JavaScript for rendering).

Victor Porton – the author of XML Boiler

Victor Porton, the project founder, is the author of XML Boiler, an advanced XML processing toolkit, based on his own specification allowing to mix in one file several loosely related XML namespaces.

The action plan

The action plan (of fixing HTML and LaTeX) is:

  1. Finish development of Automatic Transformations of XML Namespaces specification.
  2. Finish development of XML Boiler.
  3. Using XML Boiler allow the public to create different namespaces for such tasks as document formatting, semantics, and scripting, by placing a public call to create new namespaces. (XML Boiler allow every developer to do this.)
  4. After the successful accomplishing of the previous item, choose among these namespaces the best and integrate them into a new XML-based publishing format (that will replace HTML and LaTeX).

This action plan is special, as it is the only proposed feasible plan to fix HTML. Its main advantage is that new tags are to be developed publicly, by third party software developers. In the intermediary stage of no complete new format, the tags will be programmed to be transformed to existing formats, such as HTML, what allows to have some working products in the intermediary stage, to drive the project attention and participation.

Another deliverable of the project is XML Boiler itself, a useful software for many purposes.