Frequently Asked Questions

On this site we present World Science DAO, the DAO to develop world science infrastructure: publishing, grants and salaries for scientists, etc. based on decentralized software architecture and cryptocurrency.

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) are a new type of organization that uses blockchain technology and smart contracts to operate in a decentralized manner. They are gaining popularity as a way to fund and support various projects, including scientific research.

Impact DAO = charity DAO, a DAO created to solve actual world problems, like global warming or human trafficking. World Science DAO is an impact DAO created to solve problems with science funding and publishing.

Simply by creating new software that will eat up the world. It’s like the story of Linux and of Bitcoin.

Our flagship project is Salaries Science, a blockchain-based algorithm to distribute scientific grants in a smart way.

You participate by donating or by participating in the bureaucracy (starting proposals and voting about them) of our DAO app. Bureaucracy is a paid work, that is you receive a cryptocurrency, for example, when you vote. To participate you need SCI tokens. Currently you can receive SCI tokens only by invitation, but it is planned to distribute the token widely, so that people be able to buy it at crypto exchanges.