This is the page of Journal team in our DAO.

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The purpose of this team to create a scientific journal with post-moderation (in other words, with peer-review after publication).

Prototype of the journal (we should move to a different domain) – a scientific journal with post-moderation. It needs some AI research to construct a sustainable moderation (peer review) system for scientific article. It allows anyone to publish with ease, still hiding pseudoscience that anyone can put on the site from search engines.

We can allow publishing any crackpottery, but remove from our list of articles and from Google index bad quality publication that did not pass review.

We need to add AI to track reviewers and decide which reviewers are legible, and using this do AI aggregation of positive or negative reviews for each article.

We may rely on verified reviewers with scientific degrees, but ideally we should create a self-sustaining system that verifies not only authors but also reviewers themselves, based on their interrelations (like: if a reputable reviewer votes down on a review of another reviewer, this decreases reputation of the second reviewer)