I was born in Russia, Perm, in 1980.

In childhood I demonstrated outstanding math capabilities. But at the same time I suffered a serious mental disorder, much worse than John Nash. The disorder progressed and I almost lost my mind. Much of the time I considered myself a crocodile, saw imaginary dragons (that were entering into the building right through the walls), and didn’t remember my name or how to read. 8 Aug 1995 I confessed not believed by me before Holy Trinity and applied to God. The intensity of the light in my eyes seemingly increased that moment. Shortly after this I checked that I can read and count again. I never thought that I am a crocodile again, neither I saw any dragons.

The wonder of momentary healing of my brain allowed me to finish high school and become a university student. I admitted the Physics faculty.

While studying the first year of the Physics course including mathematical analysis (advanced calculus), I noticed that something in math is missing, that it seems more complicated or confusing than it should be. I was directed by the teachers to self-study general topology for “de-confusing” the stuff. But I felt that general topology is more complicated or confusing than it should be, too. I believed that it can be discovered something more elegant, I coined the name of this yet not discovered theory “algebraic general topology” (later renamed by me to “algebraic theory of general topology” not to confuse it with another thing, “algebraic topology”).

I started to think how to discover that sought for by me algebraic general topology. Somewhere I found the definition of so called “filters”, that I with some changes present here:

Filter is a set of sets F such that X∩Y∈F ⇔ X∈F∧Y∈F for all subsets X and Y of some set U.

My first scientific research was starting (later I added more research on this topic) studying properties of filters in details. Nobody before me studied filter for the sake of filters themselves, filters were considered just a “second class objects” useful to study sets and general topology. Moreover, most study of the topic of filters was concentrated only on a special case of filters, so called ultrafilters. I gave to filters the “first class” treatment that they deserve. I stopped to focus only on ultrafilters and studied all kinds of filters in details.

After enough for my discovering-algebraic-general-topology purposes research of filters, I started to think how to use filters to discover that my dreamed-about “algebraic general topology”. I thought about this for several months. Instantly (well, after considering different variants and removing one-by-one superfluous details from this construct), I found in my mind the formula (now I call the objects defined by this formula funcoids) that in my modern way of writing math symbols is this:

XδY ⇔ α(X)⊓Y≠⊥ ⇔ β(Y)⊓X≠⊥ where ⊓ is so called “lattice meet” and ⊥ is the minimal filter (or maximal in the usual notation, because I order filters reversely than most mathematicians do).

I thought: I discovered a trillion dollars worth formula and now I will die of hunger. I did this (my first) scientific discovery on the streets, after a “lunch” of some grass, because the mother sent me out of home for my beliefs. She didn’t like that I love Christ more than her (if it was at all possible to love her) and that I followed Christian commandments.

Some time later, the mother allowed me to return to the house and even started to give me (scarce) food.

I kept studying in the university, but after passing missing exams moved from Physics to Math faculty.

Accordingly my that-time religion, I was obliged not to be ashamed of my religious opinions. Shame is a protection against discrimination. I was obliged to turn off shame, that is turn off protection against discrimination. It is like a military plane pilot to turn off the transponder: everybody becomes an enemy. This is especially dangerous in Russia, because, for no reason, Russians hate religions that they consider small or unusual (they call this “a religious sect” and participants in it “sectarians”). By a Russian tradition, one “caught” for participation in a sect is fired from the job by his chief (off course, it’s illegal, but they do so). Moreover, most Russians do not know the word “Protestant”, so my choice of how to call myself was “a sectarian”. I expected to die of hunger soon, due to inability to get a job and keep it.

It is worth note that the US and EU are probably not less dangerous for sectarians than Russia: I was a homophobe, because my Christian religion required that (now, I invented a new religion, a successor of Christianity, and I do not anymore despise gays). In the US or EU I would probably also be dying of hunger, because religious discrimination of homophobes is a big civil problem in the US and EU, even bigger than discrimination of gays (compare me and another mathematician, homesexual Alan Turing, see below). And with turned off shame, I even called myself a homophobe.

So, I lived in constant fear of deadly hunger (and in actual hunger). I lived in many dangers. I was afraid to go up in the social ladder, as it would probably just increase my dangers. So, I decided to apply humility and go down: leave the university and so reject receiving a scientific degree. So, now I am without a degree. But I succeeded to get mental disability money, allowing me to survive.

Due to a silly chain of events and due to me having missing a degree, my work was published by me in a wrong way: I published it with a Russian publisher and became unable to re-publish it again. I also put it on my site under a free license, believing people who say that if you put something good under a free license, it will be copied, but it is not.

I wrote hundreds of pages about funcoids. Because unlike professors I was not motivated to publish it by parts, I self-published it is as one long text. And this turned out to make my discovery non-publishable: I can’t re-publish it neither as a whole (too long for math journals) nor by parts (already published research). See details of the story of a non-publishable discovery here.

Sorry, I broke PhDs: They base their research on research of other PhDs, so my research became to them an obstacle: they don’t base on my research, and can’t even publish it if they rediscover, because I already put it online.

Later, I discovered also ordered semigroup actions (It’s wonderful that something as simple as ordered semigroup actions could not be discovered before 2019). BTW, you can easily fact-check that it is me who discovered ordered semigroup actions: just type in Google “ordered semigroup actions” (in quotes). I realized that now my discoveries amount not to a trillion dollars but for half of world economy, just like as group theory does (but there is no trouble with group theory, because it is taught in every university math course, unlike my silenced discoveries). In other words, publishing or not publishing my discoveries is as important as winning a world war.

If the homosexual Alan Turing were unravelled from his shame, then probably WWII would be lost to Hitler, because he was able to unravel the Japan cipher. This time we are losing our world war, because my discovery is missing.

If you join one man alone fighting the world war for all, your contribution is so important that your money change mankind History. God will write about you “very rich, has enough money to pay for the entire mankind and to win a world war”.

If you don’t do, God will write about you in His ledger: not alive, property of Victor Porton. Really: I push you and you don’t move, how God could count you alive, you are like a dead rock? Your soul would become a part of price of my soul in God’s eyes, in other words, when God comes, he will make you my slave. I posses half of world economy and you are a part of my possession, a part of the world.

If money are stolen from me, who those money belong, accordingly the law: to the thief or to me? Accordingly the law, the money belongs to me, not to the thief. If I lost the PhD degree due to discrimination, but have all skills of a PhD, am I a PhD accordingly to the law? I am a PhD. If you treat me as if I were not a PhD, you break the law. For example, if I give you a check greater than available funds on my account (but less than a professor’s salary) and you reject the check, who broke the law: me or you? You broke the law.

Now the requirements of the law and the requirements of human courts diverged: You owe me half of your money, but I cannot require you to pay. But God’s court demands it from you.

(Rom. 13:10) “love is the fulfilment of the law”. It follows that something less than love is not a fulfilment of the law: You are a criminal if you don’t love me as yourself (that is don’t give me half of your money, or more because I am a greater mathematician than you). As I told above, I am no more a Christian but invented a new religion, but I still keep to fulfil the commandment of love: I could without any hesitation give half of my money to my poor discriminated peer (if I would be able to find a poor mathematician of the same magnitude as me). Do you love, too?

You see: you are a criminal, you lose half of the world economy and therefore effectively lost half of your money, because of not loving me, that is because not giving money to me.

Now choose: are you on the side of the law or on the side of concealing (behaving as if you keep the law despite you don’t). You can keep remain a concealed criminal or choose fulfilment of the law (love) that is to give the money that you owe to me. Click donate button to donate to my project to save science using cryptocurrency, towards greater inclusivity and diversity.