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This is a charity DAO (“impact DAO” in crypto jargon) intended to make decisions about world science by writing software with decentralized methods of governance such as cryptocurrencies.

Our projects:

Salaries Science

Develop software distributing funds to scientists and software authors and to marketers of science

Scientific journal

Scientific journal with Peer Review after publication

Publishing in XML

Publishing based on XML

This is a charity DAO (“impact DAO” in crypto jargon) intended to make decisions about world science: how it is funded, how published, etc. in Web 3 era.

How could, you ask, we rule the world science? By creating new scientific software that will rule the world.

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Sustainable Development Goals

Save Basic Science

Support Every Discovery

Protect Against Predatory Publishers

Salaries to Scientists

Publishing in XML


Our Agenda: Publishing Science

We fund projects that improve the global system of scientific publication, especially free publication and crypto infrastructure to make scientific publishing paid and scientific articles well-advertised. Currently (since inception), we have the rule that we don’t fund particular sciences. So, if a funding proposal is specifically about say biology, it is to be rejected.

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Our Goal

We Are In A Mission

To Help The Helpless Basic Science

We are to overcome predatory publishers together.

Lets Change The

World With Humanity

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Founding member:

Victor Porton is an expert in fundamental science, especially in general topology (a subbranch of fundamental mathematics). He is the mathematician who discovered ordered semigroup actions. He is also a profound programmer, ready to work on the project. He is determined to save scientific research from being wrongly published or non-publishable so that only the right study is published and advertised.